Pump bushings, also known as pump sleeves, are meticulously crafted to safeguard pumps within the industry. As an optimal solution, pump bushings protect pumps by offering closer clearances that minimize vibrations and extend service life.

JUNTY, a distinguished and adept pump bushing manufacturer, specializes in delivering top-notch pump bushings with exceptional performance. Our extensive range includes magnetic drive pump sleeves/bushings, gear pump bushings, TC sleeves, and metal-backed bearings.

Opt for JUNTY’s pump bushings for a host of advantages:

  • Low friction
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Long service life

Our pump bushings cater to various needs and applications and are customizable to different mechanical seal materials and specifications. For reliable, long-term operation of your pumps, contact JUNTY for a tailored pump bushing solution. With our considerate customization services, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Elevate the performance and longevity of your pumps—contact JUNTY today.


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