Pump bushings, also called pump sleeves, are the ideal solution in the pump industry to protect the pumps. The pump bushing can be designed and produced with closer clearances to reduce vibration and extend the service life.

JUNTY, a professional and experienced pump bushing manufacturer, provides excellent performance pump bushings, including magnetic drive pump sleeves/bushings, gear pump bushings, TC sleeves, and metal-backed bearings.

The pump bushings from JUNTY are the ideal choices, which have a lot of advantages.

  1. Low friction
  2. Excellent abrasion resistance
  3. Long service life

The following pump bushing can be customized to be made of different mechanical seal materials and into different specifications according to various needs and applications. To get reliable pump bushings in long-term operation, don’t hesitate to contact JUNTY for a custom seal ring. With the considerate customized service, you shall be satisfied.


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