Carbon Graphite

From wet running to dry running, carbon graphite is utilized as a soft material in a variety of applications. It offers outstanding thermal shock resistance, good thermal conductivity, excellent natural lubricity, and good corrosion resistance.

Different grades of mechanical carbon have been created to fulfill different service conditions:

Resin-bonded carbon is a cost-effective, sized-to-order material for big volume needs.

Furan resin, phenolic resin, or epoxy resin are filler materials used to reduce the porosity of resin-impregnated carbon.

For applications requiring higher working temperatures or greater strength, metal-impregnated carbon made of antimony, copper, or Babbitt alloys is used as filler.

Densityg/cm31.70 1.82 2.3-2.5
ImpregnationPhenolic ResinFuran ResinAntimony
HardnessHS 85HS 90HS95
Compressive StrengthMpa210220260
psi30,000 31,800 37,700 
Flexural StrengthMpa657595
psi9,500 10,100 13,800 
Coefficient of
Thermal Expansion
Maximum Working TemperatureºC200200400

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