tungsten carbide material

One of the most adaptable materials for wear components is tungsten carbide (TC). It provides the following advantages:

High mechanical strength and hardness, superior wear resistance, good corrosion resistance, and the ability to handle abrasive services (Good fracture toughness)


There are six different types of tungsten carbide available, including nickel- and cobalt-bonded varieties.

Cobalt-bonded TC offers higher hardness and better abrasion resistance than nickel-bonded TC does, while nickel-bonded TC and cobalt-bonded TC both give enhanced corrosion protection.

The following grades are available

  • 6% Nickel bonded TC
  • 6% Cobalt bonded TC
  • 8% Nickel bonded TC
  • 8% Cobalt bonded TC
  • 10% Nickel bonded TC
  • 10% Cobalt bonded TC
ParameterUnit6% Ni-TC6% Co-TC
Binder6% Nickel6% Cobalt
Crystal Sizeμm 1.21.2
HardnessRockwellHRA 89.5HRA 90
Maximum Transverse
Rupture Strength

*More Nickel or Cobalt content are also available for enquiry!

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