tungsten carbide material

Tungsten Carbide (TC) is designed for versatility in wear components. Unleashing many advantages, TC from Junty is the go-to solution for demanding industrial applications.

High mechanical strength and hardness, superior wear resistance, good corrosion resistance, and the ability to handle abrasive services (Good fracture toughness).


Why Opt for Junty’s Tungsten Carbide?

  1. High Mechanical Strength and Hardness:TC boasts unparalleled mechanical strength and hardness, ensuring robust performance in challenging environments.
  2. Superior Wear Resistance: Experience extended component life with superior wear resistance, a hallmark feature of Tungsten Carbide solutions.
  3. Good Corrosion Resistance: TC offers reliable corrosion resistance, providing durability in diverse and corrosive settings.
  4. Abrasion Handling Expertise (Good Fracture Toughness): Confront abrasive services with confidence, thanks to the exceptional fracture toughness of our Tungsten Carbide.

Explore Junty’s Tungsten Carbide Varieties:

  1. Cobalt-Bonded TC:

Unmatched Hardness and Abrasion Resistance: This variant excels in hardness and abrasion resistance, delivering superior performance in demanding conditions.

  1. Nickel-Bonded TC:

Enhanced Corrosion Protection: Known for its enhanced corrosion protection, nickel-bonded TC is a reliable choice in corrosive environments.

Available Grades:

  1. 6% Nickel-Bonded TC
  2. 6% Cobalt-Bonded TC
  3. 8% Nickel-Bonded TC
  4. 8% Cobalt-Bonded TC
  5. 10% Nickel-Bonded TC
  6. 10% Cobalt-Bonded TC

Tailor Your Wear Solutions with Junty’s Tungsten Carbide:

  • At Junty, we understand the unique demands of wear components in industrial settings. Our Tungsten Carbide solutions are designed for adaptability, ensuring optimal performance in a variety of applications.

Experience the Junty Advantage:

  1. Decades of Expertise: Benefit from our extensive experience in delivering top-notch Tungsten Carbide solutions.
  2. Cutting-Edge Innovation: Our materials are crafted with cutting-edge technology to meet and surpass industry standards.
  3. Customization: Tailor-made solutions to match your unique wear component requirements.

Choose Junty for Tungsten Carbide excellence—where wear resistance meets durability. Elevate your wear solutions by contacting us today.

ParameterUnit6% Ni-TC6% Co-TC
Binder6% Nickel6% Cobalt
Crystal Sizeμm 1.21.2
HardnessRockwellHRA 89.5HRA 90
Maximum Transverse
Rupture Strength

*More Nickel or Cobalt content are also available for enquiry!

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