Magnetic Drive Pumps Sleeves/Bushings

//Magnetic Drive Pumps Sleeves/Bushings

Magnetic Drive Pumps Sleeves/Bushings

The magnetic drive pumps sleeves/bushings, and the shaft-protecting sleeve is attached to the shaft. The shaft sleeve can shield the shaft from mechanical, chemical, and chemical-mechanical damage by aggressive fluids, bearing shells, and shaft seals. The shaft-protecting sleeve/bushing from JUNTY can be customized with different ceramics like Silicon Carbide (SSiC/SSiC+C), Alumina (97%CE/99%CE/99.5%CE), Zirconia, or Tungsten Carbide (Nickel bonded or Cobalt bonded), and Carbon Graphite. With the fine material and mature technology, the shaft sleeve in a pump made of ceramics can better protect the running surface of the shaft seal or the surfaces in contact from damage or abrasive wear.



A magnetic drive pump is a mechanical device that transports fluids from one location to another. Two sets of permanent magnets are used in magnetic drive pumps, also called magnetically coupled pumps. The motor shaft is joined with the first set of magnets (the drive magnets). When the motor is turned on, the drive magnet on the shaft spins and rotates, creating a magnetic force that causes the driven magnet linked to the impeller to spin and rotate the impeller. During the process, the pump impeller will create radial and thrust loads, which must be carried by the shaft-protecting sleeve and rubbing thrust surfaces inside the mag drive can. In this way, it is necessary to have the shaft sleeve for the magnetic drive pump.

JUNTY, a professional shaft sleeve manufacturer with rich experience, applies fine material and mature technology, which makes the ceramic sleeves/bushings for the magnetic drive pump with high thermal shock resistance, high thermal conductivity, and high resistance to wear.

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