Magnetic Drive Pumps Sleeves/Bushings

//Magnetic Drive Pumps Sleeves/Bushings

Magnetic Drive Pumps Sleeves/Bushings

JUNTY’s magnetic drive pump sleeves/bushings, where the shaft-protecting sleeve stands as a robust shield for your machinery. This critical component attaches to the shaft, guarding it against mechanical, chemical, and chemical-mechanical damage caused by aggressive fluids, bearing shells, and shaft seals.

Our shaft-protecting sleeves/bushings offer unparalleled customization options, utilizing advanced ceramics such as Silicon Carbide (SSiC/SSiC+C), Alumina (97%CE/99%CE/99.5%CE), Zirconia, Tungsten Carbide (Nickel bonded or Cobalt bonded), and Carbon Graphite. The fusion of these materials with the bushing design ensures optimal protection for the shaft in challenging environments.

JUNTY’s commitment to fine materials and mature technology shines through in our ceramic-based shaft sleeves. This innovation excels in safeguarding the running surface of the shaft seal and surfaces in contact, providing resilience against damage and abrasive wear. Elevate the performance and longevity of your pump with JUNTY’s customizable ceramic sleeves—redefining protection in the heart of your machinery.



A magnetic drive pump, also known as a magnetically coupled pump, serves as a mechanical marvel transporting fluids with precision. This innovative device employs two permanent magnets, including the motor shaft’s drive magnets. As the motor powers on, the rotating drive magnet induces a magnetic force, causing the impeller’s driven magnet to spin and rotate.

The pump impeller generates radial and thrust loads throughout this intricate process, necessitating robust support from the shaft-protecting sleeve and the rubbing thrust surfaces inside the mag drive can. Enter the essential component – the shaft sleeve- for the magnetic drive pump’s optimal functioning.

At JUNTY, a seasoned and professional shaft sleeve manufacturer, our rich experience shines through in applying fine materials and mature technology. Silicon Carbide, Alumina, Zirconia, Tungsten Carbide, and Carbon Graphite are expertly crafted into ceramic sleeves/bushings for magnetic drive pumps. These components boast high thermal shock resistance, superior thermal conductivity, and exceptional wear resistance. Trust JUNTY for ceramic sleeves that redefine durability and performance in the heart of your magnetic drive pump.

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