Metal-Backed Bearing

//Metal-Backed Bearing

Metal-Backed Bearing

  1. Metal-Backed Bearings for Extreme Service

    We also manufacture metal-backed carbon/graphite bearings for use in extreme service. The metal selected should have good corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, or other properties as required by the service. The coefficient of thermal expansion is a factor in metal selection due to the difference in expansion coefficients of metal and carbon/graphite materials.

  2. Press & Shrink Fitting

    The method used to assemble the carbon into metal housing depends on the carbon grade used, the metal selected, and the operating temperature. Press fitting is generally used for low-temperature applications, where relatively low interference is needed to keep the carbon from rotating independently.

    Shrink fitting is used for high-temperature applications requiring greater interference to prevent carbon rotation. In shrink fitting, the carbon is dropped into a heated metal housing. When the metal cools, the housing shrinks and seizes the carbon.



Metal-Backed Bearing

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