Metal-Backed Bearing

//Metal-Backed Bearing

Metal-Backed Bearing

  1. Extreme Service Bearings with Metal Backing

Additionally, we manufacture carbon/graphite bearings with metal backing for use in high-stress applications. The metal should meet the service’s requirements for thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and other qualities. Because metals and carbon/graphite materials have different expansion coefficients, it is important to consider this while choosing a metal.



  1. Pressing and Shrinking Fitting

The grade of carbon utilized, the metal chosen, and the working temperature all influence how the carbon is assembled into the metal housing. In low-temperature applications, where relatively little interference is required to prevent the carbon from rotating on its own, press fitting is typically utilized.

For high-temperature applications requiring a higher level of interference to stop carbon rotation, shrink fitting is employed. The carbon is dropped into a hot metal enclosure during shrink fitting. The housing contracts as the metal cools, seizing the carbon.

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