Containment Shells

//Containment Shells

Containment Shells

Containment shell function as a separation component between the external magnet (Drive magnet) connected to the motor and internal magnet (driven magnet) which is attached to the impeller. This seal-less solution can provide reliable leakage-free sealing as there are no mechanical seals to fail over time. Compared to commonly used metals, there is no heat generated by magnetic induction.



Our solution is to use Zirconia ceramic material for the containment shell. When it is exposed to a changing magnetic field, it does not generate heat which can reduce efficiency loss and lead to overheating failures. Moreover, its high mechanical strength, good flexibility and corrosion-resistant properties make it suitable for many applications and industries including: chemicals, hazardous and corrosive liquids, cryogenics and crystallizing fluids.

1Drive magnet
3Driven magnet assembly attached to impeller
5Thrust ring
7Containment shell

Besides, we are able to use ANSYS to build the model and analyze the stress to avoid underlying failures. 

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