We can provide high carbon graphite grades for rotors and vanes for several applications. Our rotors and vanes are constructed from specific, proprietary materials that are necessary for the unique operational conditions in which they are employed. JUNTY’s specialized manufacturing processes enable us to make all our rotors and vanes in-house, starting from the mixing of raw materials all the way to the finished product.



The following materials are used to make our rotors and canes:

  • Resin-bonded Graphite
  • Carbon Graphite
  • Electrographite

We might also offer a variety of materials to suit your needs. At JUNTY, we can make carbon graphite rotors and vanes according to your specifications. We create our own proprietary grades and manufacture each product in-house, so we will work closely with you to meet your requirements and provide the best carbon graphite product for your needs.

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