Explore high-performance rotor vane solutions at JUNTY. Our high-carbon graphite grades are tailored for various applications, ensuring optimal performance in unique operational conditions. Crafted with proprietary materials, our in-house manufacturing processes guarantee precision from raw material mixing to the finished product. Elevate your machinery’s efficiency with JUNTY’s quality rotor and vane components. Contact us for customized solutions, and satisfaction is guaranteed.



Explore the versatility of our rotor and vane solutions at JUNTY, crafted with precision using three distinct materials:

  • Resin-bonded Graphite
  • Carbon Graphite
  • Electrographite

At JUNTY, customization is at the core of our approach. We tailor our carbon graphite rotors and vanes to your exact specifications. With proprietary grades developed in-house, our manufacturing expertise ensures precision and quality in every product.

Choose JUNTY for a collaborative experience where we closely align with your requirements, delivering top-notch carbon graphite solutions. Trust us to meet and exceed your expectations with our expertise in rotor vanes made of Resin-bonded Graphite, Carbon Graphite, and Electrographite.

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