Rubber bellows are made of rubber materials and used to protect moving mechanical parts from dust and humidity. It allows the rubber bellow to expand and contract whilst maintaining a permanent seal.



Rubber Bellows used in mechanical seal industry, and use it for rubber bellow mechanical seal.

Rubber Bellows Mechanical Seal is a kind of mechanical seals that the spring element is a bellow. This desgin doesn’t need the secondary dynamic seal. Bellows Mechanical Seals are also known as non-pusher seals because of it is a static secondary seal which stays in place against the shaft, sleeve or on the gland of the pump.

A bellows mechanical seal is available include:

  • Metal bellows mechanical seal
  • Elastomer bellows mechanical seal
  • PTFE bellows mechanical seal
  • Rubber bellows mechanical seal which is mostly used in water industries and Waste Water Treatment plants.

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