Cyclone Separator

//Cyclone Separator

Cyclone Separator

The silicon carbide pipe lining could lessen fluid wear on the inner wall and increase the cyclone separator’s service life. The impact and scouring of medium particles on the separator are what causes cyclone separator wear during operation. The particles’ size, velocity, concentration, and physical features are all directly related to the degree of wear. As a result, there are considerable material requirements for the cyclone shunt wall. The material JUNTY applies high quality, and the ceramic lined pipe JUNTY manufactures superior chemical resistance and possesses excellent mechanical properties.



There is the high-speed spiral motion of the gas and the vortex within the cyclone separator. Therefore, it is necessary to have a ceramic-lined pipe. The ceramic wear liner of the cyclone separator has a lot of advantages:

  • Dimensional accuracy for highly efficient performance
  • Highquality
  • Superior abrasion resistance for long wear life

To effectively manage the lining of the wear and tear, the heating surface of the cyclone tube separator must be equipped with wear-resisting refractory materials. Wear-resisting refractory materials should have thermal shock, wear resistance, erosion resistance, and high temperature-resistant performance. Silicon carbide is a ceramic material that is frequently used for wear-resisting purposes. It has a very high degree of hardness and is best suited for use as a wear-resisting layer in cyclone wear linings.

JUNTY can customize ceramic wear liner sizes and shapes to fit your needs.

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