Have you ever wondered what the process of separating particles from a gas or liquid stream is like? Or how it works to maintain product quality and performance? Well, if so, then you’ll be pleased to hear about Junty – the leading cyclone separator manufacturer. In this article, we’ll introduce you to Junty, explain what they specialize in, and provide an overview of their products. Let’s get started!

Junty-An Excellent Cyclone Separator Manufacturer


JUNTY group of companies is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. We have been providing sealing products, wear-resistant parts, and components to the fluid and gas control industries all over the world for more than twenty years.


Certified by the ISO9001:2015 quality management system, quality is the way we live. Each step of our work process is carefully designed and controlled, and every product is inspected and documented before shipping. As a result, our customers have been enjoying our top-quality products and exceptional services.


JUNTY has a professional and dedicated team with a deep understanding of our industry needs and the rotary equipment manufacturing business. We work closely with our clients on all aspects of their sourcing requirements thanks to our diverse engineering capabilities, from initial design through prototype testing to mass manufacturing.


We are currently growing to meet the global demand from our clients for quality, engineering, and material selection. The long-term, mutually beneficial partnership with our business partners has always been our goal.


What is Junty Cyclone Separator?


A Cyclone Separator is a machine that separates oil and water. It uses a rotating drum to create an airflow that breaks the oil and water into tiny droplets. This process is called centrifugal force. One of the famous Cyclone Separator manufacturer is JUNTY company that provides mechanical seal parts and ware parts.

Here some descriptions about Junty cyclone separator:

The silicon carbide pipe lining could lessen fluid wear on the inner wall and increase the cyclone separator’s service life. The impact and scouring of medium particles on the separator are what causes cyclone separator wear during operation. The particles’ size, velocity, concentration, and physical features are all directly related to the degree of wear. As a result, there are considerable material requirements for the cyclone shunt wall. The material JUNTY applies high quality, and the ceramic lined pipe JUNTY manufactures superior chemical resistance and possesses excellent mechanical properties.



At Junty, we are proud to be the leading cyclone separator manufacturers. Our advanced technology and highly specialized team of experts allows us to offer superior products that meet the highest standards and exceed customer expectations. We strive to keep up with industry trends and develop innovative solutions for our clients in order to provide them with the best possible experience. Whether you’re looking for a custom-made solution or need help finding a perfect fit for your application, our knowledgeable staff is here to help. Contact us today so we can get started!