Silicon Nitride VS Tungsten Carbide: Which Rotary Seal You Should Choose

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In manufacturing bulk materials, A rotary seal is a vital component of the production procedure. Its main goal is to limit product loss and protect the products during manufacturing. The rotary seals, or rotary shaft seals, have mainly two functions. Firstly, they prevent dirt, dust, and water from getting into the installation and stopping the shaft

Why do Rubber O rings have different colors?

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Rubber O-rings are essentially mechanical gaskets used to seal the grooves that are present due to surfaces interfaced together. Correspondingly, they are special rubber sealants to prevent fluid flow and prevent unprecedented leakages. More specifically, they fill in any clearances that might provide a passage for the fluids to flow when the part is under stress.

Top 3 Tips for Selecting the Proper Rotary Seals for Your Business

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Rising industrial activities across the globe have skyrocketed the need for different types of seals to prevent industrial leakages. One of the most important seals in any industry is the rotary seal, which plays a critical role in the working of pumps and other industrial equipment. Rotary seals are widely used in various industries, including aviation, construction

The Top 3 Major Reasons To The Failure Of Pump Seals

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Pumps are equipment you use in various cases, from the swimming pool to water supply systems. When you discover a leak in the pump, it is important to look at the mechanical seal that it uses. Failure of a pump seal can cause leakages of water and chemicals in some cases. By understanding what causes the


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