4 Tips to Prevent Failure and Install Mechanical Seal for Water Pump

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A water pump is a liquid-carrying equipment that transports or presses liquids. Different types of water pumps have different uses, such as conveying water, sewage, and oil. The liquid inside a water pump often needs to be transported under a certain pressure. Poor sealing of the water pump will lead to liquid leakage, reducing efficiency,

What’s the Role of Thrust Washer Bearing for Electric Submersible Pump?

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Improper sealing during machine operation has undesirable outcomes, such as unwanted downtime and economic losses. Leakages cause troubles like fluid contamination, equipment damage, and maintenance issues. Ensuring proper sealing is critical for the smooth functioning of equipment like electric submersible pumps used in oil and gas extraction. A thrust washer bearing seals and supports the axial

What is Shaft Sleeve? Introduction to Materials and Replacement Guide

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A shaft sleeve is a mechanical component shaped like a cylindrical sleeve installed between a rotating shaft and a bearing. They act as a wear-resistant tool, protecting the shaft surface to allow smooth operation by preventing abrasion, corrosion, and contact with other interior pieces like bearings, seals, and the impeller. When the shaft sleeve is worn,

What are Rotor Vanes and Where Can They be Applied

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Rotor vanes are precision-engineered components that are crucial for mechanical, automotive, and industrial equipment. They are commonly used in rotary machines such as motors, compressors, and pumps to convert mechanical energy into fluid movement, achieving energy transfer and conversion. Choosing high-quality rotor vanes is important as they experience frequent movements, varying pressures, and harsh operating conditions

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Containment Shell Using Zirconia Material

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Containment shell refers to a protective shell made of high-performance ceramic or metal materials, playing a crucial role in sealing and preventing leakage applications. It is a key internal component used in magnetic drive pumps, functioning as a separation barrier between the external drive magnet connected to the motor and the internal driven magnet attached

Silicon Nitride VS Tungsten Carbide: Which Rotary Seal You Should Choose

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In manufacturing bulk materials, A rotary seal is a vital component of the production procedure. Its main goal is to limit product loss and protect the products during manufacturing. The rotary seals, or rotary shaft seals, have mainly two functions. Firstly, they prevent dirt, dust, and water from getting into the installation and stopping the shaft


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