People have been looking for ways to make their mechanical seals more durable since they first became a necessity in the oil and gas industry. This week, a blog has published an article about how white aluminium oxide can be used to make these seals stronger, smoother and with less friction.

What Is A Mechanical Seal?

A mechanical seal is a type of joint that is used to connect two pieces of metal or plastic. The seal uses pressure and friction between the surfaces to keep the two pieces together. The most common type of mechanical seal is a O-ring.

Properties Of White Aluminium Oxide In Mechanical Seal

White aluminium oxide is a very versatile material that has many properties that make it an ideal candidate for use in mechanical seals. First and foremost, white aluminium oxide is an excellent thermal conductor. This means that it can help to dissipate heat more effectively, which is important in applications where high temperatures are present. Additionally, white aluminium oxide has good electrical and acoustic properties. This means that it can help to prevent noise and vibration from being transmitted through a seal assembly, which can be beneficial in applications where sensitive equipment is located within the seal area. Finally, white aluminium oxide is also resistant to wear and tear. This makes it a good choice for applications where the seal will be subject to heavy use or abuse.

How To Use White Aluminum Oxide In Mechanical Seal?

White aluminum oxide is a great material to use in a mechanical seal. Here are some tips on how to use it:

1. Choose the right application. White aluminum oxide is best used in applications where oil and water do not mix, such as oil seals in engines or hydraulic systems.

2. Make the seal strong. In order for white aluminum oxide to be effective, it needs to be securely attached to the other components of the system. This means making sure that the seal is thick enough and has a good surface area contact.

3. Don’t overuse it. White aluminum oxide can be effective in high-pressure or harsh environments, but too much can lead to embrittlement or cracking of the seal material itself. Use it sparingly to get the most benefit from it.


White alumina oxide plays a great role in mechanical seals.It combines several desirable qualities, including good hardness and wear resistance, high strength and stiffness, good thermal stability, and nearly chemical inertness.There are a variety of sealing material configurations you want in Junty to meet your personal customization and provide high-quality assurance for your products.