In today’s competitive industrial landscape, ensuring the efficient operation of pumps and preventing leakages is crucial. At JUNTY, we understand the importance of reliable mechanical seal parts in achieving these goals. As a trusted provider of high-quality components, we offer a comprehensive range of mechanical seal parts tailored to meet diverse industry needs.

Comprehensive Range of Mechanical Seal Parts

Our extensive selection includes seal rings, bushings, wear parts, metal parts, rubber parts, rotors/vanes, balls, and special shapes. Each component is meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional performance and durability. With our mechanical seal parts, you can experience a long working life, excellent wear properties, minimized leakage, and reduced friction for shafts or bushings.


Customized Rotary Seal Rings for Optimal Performance


One critical component in mechanical seals is the rotary seal ring, which plays a vital role in preventing leakage in various industrial applications. At JUNTY, we understand that different environments require specific seal materials. That’s why we offer customizable options for our rotary seal rings, ensuring optimal performance in your unique operating conditions.


Our rotary seal rings can be crafted using top-quality materials such as Silicon Carbide (SSIC & RBSIC), Tungsten Carbide (6% Nickel TC & 6% Cobalt TC), Carbon Graphite (Resin-impregnated & Metal-impregnated), Aluminum oxide (95% ceramic, 97% ceramic, 99% ceramic, and 99.5% ceramic), and zirconia oxide. These materials are carefully selected for their exceptional strength, wear resistance, and compatibility with diverse fluids and gases.


When you choose our customized rotary seal rings, you can expect superior performance, extended service life, and effective leakage prevention. Our commitment to precision engineering and stringent quality control ensures that our seal rings meet the highest industry standards.


Superior Split Seal Rings for Large Rotating Equipment


For industries relying on large rotating equipment, such as pumps and compressors, we offer superior split seal rings designed to optimize performance while minimizing maintenance costs. Unlike traditional solid seals, our split seal rings eliminate the need for equipment disassembly during installation or replacement, resulting in significant time and cost savings.


Our split seal rings are available in various materials, including Silicon Carbide (SSIC & RBSIC), Tungsten Carbide (6% Nickel TC & 6% Cobalt TC), and Carbon Graphite (Resin-impregnated & Metal-impregnated). These materials are carefully chosen for their exceptional durability and resistance to wear, ensuring reliable sealing even under demanding operating conditions.


By choosing JUNTY’s split seal rings, you gain access to cost-effective solutions that simplify maintenance processes and reduce downtime. Our commitment to customization means that we can tailor the split seal rings to your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your equipment.



At JUNTY, we take pride in offering a wide range of high-quality mechanical seal parts designed to enhance the performance of industrial pumps and prevent leakages. With our comprehensive selection of components, including seal rings, bushings, wear parts, metal parts, rubber parts, rotors/vanes, balls, and special shapes, you can trust that your equipment will operate smoothly and efficiently. Our customizable rotary seal rings enable you to optimize performance in diverse operating environments. By utilizing top-quality materials and precision engineering, we deliver seal rings that offer excellent wear resistance, prolonged service life, and effective leakage prevention. Furthermore, our superior split seal2rings provide a cost-effective solution for large rotating equipment, eliminating costly equipment disassembly and simplifying maintenance processes. With materials selected for their durability and compatibility, our split seal rings ensure reliable sealing and reduced downtime. With JUNTY as your trusted partner, you can rely on our expertise in mechanical seal parts to enhance the performance of your industrial equipment. Experience the benefits of our comprehensive range, customizable options, and superior quality. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and discover how JUNTY can meet your mechanical seal needs.