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Desirable camping trip on the Mountain Ling

Early in the morning July-11, 2014, all staffs of Junty Industries started camping trip to Mountain Ling located in the intersection of Beijing and Hebei Province. We got to Mountain Ling beauty spot three hours later by bus. Fresh air, cool wind and comfortable temperature, everything was relaxing and dreamlike.

After lunch in the local farmer’s family, we divided into three groups and started climbing the mountain. All the people enjoyed their trips, talked to each other, laughed and pointed thumbs up. Halfway, it began to rain but soon stopped. A frequent rainbow appeared in the sky, liked a gift of nature, we screamed unbearably and took many beautiful photos.

We reached to camping ground where near the top of the mountain 2300 meters above sea level at dusk. Colleagues started putting the tent up and making dinner orderly. Some people could hardly contain their excitement, climbed the top of mountain against the strong wind and cheered heartily. The golden rays of the sunset came with the green peaks and the village in the distance, the winding rivers, the mutable cloud, formed an intoxicating picture like a dreamlike fairyland.

After the last rays of the sun were disappearing behind the mountain, bright moon and stars began coming on stage. The dark night approached. With the help of camp lamp we organized some recreational activities, some people played cards in the tent and some enjoyed the view of stars, some told funny stories. We went to bed until had been beat by sleepiness.

The second day, we were unable to hold ourselves back to see sunrise. First a bit of pale ray appeared in the east, then it became brighter and brighter. An orange top of a cap raised little by little from the east. Suddenly, the sun sprang out of the seawater, looking like a large elliptic ball, and the sky in the east became red. Later, the sun was hidden behind a piece of cloud. When it appeared again, the sun changed from red to bright red, then to golden. As it rose it became silvery white and shone out. The light was so strong that we couldn’t look at it directly. At that time, the whole mountain was in the golden sunlight. After breakfast, we started packing up belongings, half of people packed tent and the other people helped pick up rubbish. All had been done, we took with the rubbish and luggage to go downhill and back to Beijing. The two-day camping trip finished satisfactorily.

The camping trip had been prepared for two months, which leaved behind many sweet memories. At the event colleagues showed our indomitable will and group spirit. Strong wind only comes at the high mountain; the rainbow only shows after the rain! Our Junty team has the spirit of bravely overcoming the obstacles to climb the mountain peak and the romantic emotion of enjoying the life, which will definitely help the team reach the new peak and embrace the wonderful future of Junty!

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