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Autumn activity of JUNTY Bulletin in 2013

There is old saying of “autumn is season for harvest”. In this fruitful special moment, JUNTY held splendid and meaningful activities:

"Shi Du Autumn Outgoing" organized by company labor union
Staff birthday celebration
“The Beijing International Marathon” participation
Badminton activity


In the second ten days of Sep. JUNTY labor union organized successfully the “Shi Du Autumn Outgoing”. The destination of “Shi Du” located in Fangshan Dis. Beijing, which was a beautiful natural scenic spot. We held abundant activities like roasting, mountain climbing, water battle etc, with impressive “thin strip of sky” landscape and “bamboo raft” games etc.

With step of national day upcoming, JUNTY held the birthday party to celebrate birthday of Liu Ying, Wu Degui, Sun Hongjun and welcome joining in of Man Tao. In order to send best wishes to Lei Qin’s marriage, JUNTY offered “loving heart gift” to show deeply blessing.

Staff of JUNTY participated the “The Beijing International Marathon” on 20th, Oct. Starting from Tiananmen square, we encouraged each other and finished competition within schedule time, meanwhile, reveal the splendid spirit.

At the end of Oct., JUNTY launched badminton competition. All staff with sports equipments showed completely their talent in sports. There was one accidental issue that one colleague twisted her foot ankle during competition, at the same time of this emergency moment, we showed company spirit of warm hearted support like a family, which turn out to show harmonious enterprise cultural atmosphere.


It says “the heart is not available in the past, the heart is not available at present, the heart is not available in the future” popular in Buddhism. Therefore, what we can grasp truly is only “present”. “literary talent and moral integrity, one pain one gain”, JUNTY is not only our working place, but also the fertile land for every staff. Let’s indulge ourselves in company and paint golden autumn season of life.

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