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Bowling Competition and Birthday Celebration for Junty Employees

In order to enrich the spare life, promote communication and friendship for the employees, and establish self-confidence and sunshine company culture, Junty held the staff activity on 23rd Mar, 2012. The well-organized activity which gave full play to staff’s initiation, comprised bowling competition, evening party and monthly staff birthday celebration.

At 3 pm, the bowling competition started. From training to the final, everyone vigorously played the game, aiming at the champion, when the wonderful shot won applause at times. Based on principle of “Strengthen Communication, Participation Matters”, and on precondition of fair and justice, the competition adopted male-female collocation form and was carried out in 6 groups. After rivalrous preliminary contests, everyone still maintained highly passionate and professional. The competition could be found in inter-team or between teams. The moment when the teammate encouraged each other had witnessed the power of team. Although we played continually for 2 hours, everyone still had high interests proved by the joys over our faces.

During the evening party, we celebrated the staff birthday. Receiving our wishes, the person who was on birthday also felt the warmth of the family and enjoyed this meaningful occasion.

In the successive program, rewards and certificates were awarded to the winners of the bowling competition. And then everyone sent the best wishes to the two persons who were on birthday, also expressed the confirmation and appreciation for their work and hope they could realize their own value in Junty Company. At last, we presented them with the special books and birthday cakes, and everyone was singing and dancing to celebrate for this meaningful birthday…

The birthday celebrating activity was ended with the warm atmosphere. This brief party could not only shorten the staff’s distance, also embodied the care from the company to the staff. I hope that everyone here would feel the kindly feelings and make more effort in work.

More than 20 staff joined this activity. at the same time of enriched sparetime life, also strengthened friendship between staffs, showed completely also the staff spirit among mutual communication, learning and competition.

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