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The outside activity – Great Wall Climbing

  In October 2011, the staff of Junty and their relatives went to Great Wall for the climbing activity, which was organized by the company union.

  The Jiankou Great Wall is the most famous and most arduous pathway of the entire Great Wall, the walls, steps and the structures are built on lofty and steep cliffs that link up with diversified passes which provides a grand panoramic view of the countryside.

  All the people partook in a wonderful picnic on the mountain and shared great food and all in happy and spirited time. During the journey, everybody helped and stimulated each other, and exemplified Junty’s team spirit. Meanwhile, each and every one took great care of the environment protection (carrying along a bag just for deposing after the eating and drinking). 

  The most important aspect of this activity was to get a chance to feel and breathe fresh air while being close to the nature. And this trip gave us time to relax and enjoy each other in a nature place of beauty that made us forget about work tension. Indeed it was great.

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