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Outward bound - Team work

    July 3 to 4, 2011: the 26 staffs of Junty Industries joined the outward bound in the Yanqing Yihe Manor. We all felt this was a novel occasion and we were full enthusiasm for this event. It's a perfect time for us to enjoy ourselves, and we really experience the happiness when we have the opportunity to take care of each other, we know the importance of communication, especially when opening our heart to each other and becoming one single unit. We reached the goal of 'Facing Challenge, and breakout' through the encouragement and assistance from others.

    'Make a living in the desert island' is the game which shows the trust between our associates, the blind and the mute we imitated using our action to communicate to each other, we are safety with each other around to support the others. 'Crossing the electricity grid' and 'seven-piece puzzle' are the games about teamwork; there we enforced the importance of teamwork and felt the joy of making a concerted effort to accomplish a task. The most challenging game was the 'Broken Bridge in the air', we are all heroes, and all of the 26 staff had crossed the broken bridge with the attitude of 8 miles in the air. How excited we are! On this charming night, we had a bonfires party, released our passion and pleasure with our concerted hearts. 

    After all of the games, we realized that personal honor should be respected, but the success of team is more important. If the team flourishes, all flourish; if the team withers, all wither. How to realize the best team efficiency? How to optimize the resource allocation? We are thinking, effecting, when we work in a team, and we become successful with utilizing team power and wisdom. The final part was called 'A moment of thanks' really touched every heart, it recalled our memory, and everyone shared the gains and feelings. It made all of us begin to open our hearts, take on special meaning for each other.

    Experience, communication, trust, teamwork, challenge, stimulation, happiness, that is what we all felt. We felt a lot and received a lot, we'll be more united, diligent, and this activity made our hearts keep together and we have more fun and happiness.

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