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Junty Industries, Ltd passed the external audit of ISO9001 Quality Management System (QMS) of year 2011

        In March 2011, Mr. Chen Xiaodong, who is the auditor of Lloyd’s Register, led an external audit team to conduct the examination of 2011 ISO9001 QMS for Junty. For our company, we have been taking more care of the ISO 9001 QMS, and we arranged the related internal managers to assist in this external audit work.

        The external audit team conducted the random examination for human resources and administration department, obtaining a good result. After inquiry and research, the team ultimately approved and praised our ISO9001 QMS and the related work. 

        Since our company formally passed the certification of ISO9001 QMS, the system has covered all departments. Therefore, the company's quality management has been on a scientific, procedural, systematic and standardized track. 

        In the future development, we will continuously strengthen the inspection and implementation of the essential system as well as pay attention to the control of detailed management. We will also constantly maintain and apply ISO9001 Quality Management System so as to maximize its role in improving service quality and sustainable development.

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